What is Midnight Whispers?

Midnight Whispers is a Paranormal/Fantasy Romance box that includes signed, special edition hardcover books from your favorite Authors.

What comes in the Midnight Whispers Box?

Each box contains one Special Edition hardcover book, exclusive just to Midnight Whispers. Books featured will be New Adult (NA) fantasy and paranormal books within the romance genre.

Along with the book, you will also receive curated and unique bookish art (These may include art prints, bookmarks, or other paper products) that may be themed to match the featured book.
How much does a box cost?
Boxes will vary in pricing and is dependent on the size and length of the book along with Exclusive Extras (stenciled edges, extra foiling, extensive art, etc.)  plus exact shipping to your region/country for one book. These are not subscriptions and you will not be charged automatically. At this time, boxes are pre-order only.
Where do you ship from?
Boxes are shipped from North Carolina, United States.
How much is shipping?
Shipping is determined by weight, volume, and size of the box. To calculate estimated shipping fees, add the items to your cart and move through the checkout process. Prior to payment, the estimated shipping will be provided. 
Do you ship internationally?

We proudly ship to Canada + 55 countries! Please note, international shipping varies but we do strive to ensure we choose the best shipping partners to keep it as affordable as possible. Please note, international shipping has risen in costs recently and a shipping consolidation service may be the best option for multiple orders.

You could also use a consolidation service such as Stackry! More details are below.

How does Stackry Work?
  • You get a free, private US address
  • You're able to shop from your favorite US retailers and ship to the US address
  • Stackry will notify you when your packages are received and ready to be shipped
  • Simplify and save on international shipping! (Also, don't miss out on our Exclusive Editions!)
Will the author or book be disclosed prior to purchasing?
We release Themes related to the book on the 1st of the month. This is when sales open. On the 10th of the month, the Author + Title and cover reveal will be shown, however we cannot ensure stock will last all the way to the cover reveal. 


What happens if a box sells out?
We are so sorry the box sold out! As we grow, more spots will open up to accommodate more purchases. At this time, we are not implementing a waitlist.
Please note, we do sell scratch and dents after all boxes have arrived safely to readers. This will be well noted in email newsletters and notifications on social media. 
How should I take care of my books?
Remove plastic wrapping from books upon arrival. Books can become moldy under plastic wrapping if not removed
- Store books in a clean, dry area
- Keep books out of direct sunlight or heat (excessive light or heat can damage colors)
- Store books away from smoking or cooking
- Store books away from excessive dampness or humidity
- Keep books clean and dust free
Feel free to read your special editions! Please note, normal wear and tear can occur with your special editions such as color changes, foiling or coverings wearing off through touching, and edges changing color dependent on lighting and storage**
I got an email with my tracking number! Why hasn't it shown up as shipped yet?
When an email is received with your tracking number, that means your label has been printed and we are preparing your box for shipping. Please give us 2-5 days to finalize your box and take it to the post office for shipping.


I bought a box, but now I decided I do not want it. Can I get a refund?

Sorry, all purchases are final. We do not allow cancellations or refunds.

Do you accept returns?

Unfortunately we do not. We are unable to accept or process returns or exchanges at this time. Returns made without authorization or knowledge will not be eligible for a refund.


If I bought a box, will I automatically be charged for the next one?
At this time, boxes are a one time purchase and NOT a subscription. Please ensure you purchase the box once it is announced for sale. We do not guarantee you a box unless purchased at the time of release.
I want to buy 2 (or 3) boxes. Can I do that?
At this time, unless stated at the start of a sale, we do not limit how many boxes you can purchase. Please note all boxes MUST be purchased individually in separate orders. 


What types of features will an Exclusive Edition Hardcover have?
Books will vary in design as they are each unique. Books may contain some of the following: Hardcover designs, dust covers, reversible dustcovers, interior artwork, new interior formatting, endpaper artwork, author signature, author letter, foiling, UV spot, embossing, sprayed edges, digital edges, stenciled edges.


I would love to be a featured author! How can I do this?

We love showcasing new or experienced authors for our boxes! Does your genre fit fantasy/paranormal romance that is New Adult specifically? Please fill out this interest form.

Please note, while we would love to feature every author interested in being a part of our box, our spots are limited as we only release books every 2-3 months. Submission of an interest form does not guarantee that we will choose your book for a special edition box.

I'm an author and would love to contribute a signed book/e-book/merch item for a giveaway on instagram/facebook/tik tok!

We LOVE allowing authors to showcase their books, announce new releases, and run free giveaways through instagram, tik tok, or facebook. If you are interested in collaborating with us on a giveaway on a certain platform, please fill out this form.

**Please note, all giveaways must be given freely and all shipping expenses paid if it is a physical item**

I have a book/series that I want to suggest!

We love hearing your suggestions! Please make sure your book falls under the New Adult (NA) category and is of the paranormal/fantasy romance category. (This means, characters have magic, pointy ears or teeth, set in a different world, etc.) Please feel free to fill out this form to provide your suggestions.

My box or book was damaged during shipping.

Please see our return policy for additional information. Additionally, please email info@midnightwhispersbox.com for further help. 

My Paper Products were damaged during shipping.

Paper products in the box are essentially free goods we provide in addition to the Exclusive Edition. If these are damaged and the reader would like replacements, please reach out and we can ship them if the reader desires at a small shipping cost if we have additional items. Paper products may include bookmarks, art prints, stickers, etc. outside of the actual book. Bookplates will be replaced if damaged or missing.