Shipping Updates


Kate Golden
A Dawn of Onyx
Theme- Glittering Gems
All books have shipped out
Jenna Wolfhart
Of Mist and Shadow + Of Ash and Embers
Theme- The Darkness of Light
Estimated Shipping- Mid October- These are done and on the ship, but waiting to be sent off port
Nisha J. Tuli
Trial of the Sun Queen
Theme- Tormented Trials
Estimated Shipping- Late November (currently in production)


C.A. Farran, Miranda Joy, Sarah A. Parker
Songs of the Wicked, A Curse of Malice and Mercy, To Bleed a Crystal Bloom
Theme- Midnight Myths
Estimated Shipping- Late January

Olivia Wildenstein 
House of Pounding Hearts
Second book in Kingdom of Crows
Estimated Shipping- March 2024