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Midnight Whispers

Overstock Waitlist- Songs of the Wicked- C.A. Farran

Overstock Waitlist- Songs of the Wicked- C.A. Farran

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 A Dark Little Mermaid Reimagining by a brilliant author awaits you.
Songs of the Wicked is a dark reimagining of the Little Mermaid. It contains epic adventures, dark mythology, and forbidden romance. While it doesn't contain mermaids, this deeply evocative fantasy novel is endlessly original as it weaves it's spellbinding tale. 

Fear is not my master. I will never submit.

A grave threat looms over the mortal world. The veil that separates the realms has weakened over time, and monsters—Undesirables—claw their way out of the Netherworld to torment the living. What once dwelled in whispered stories now stalks the shadows. The only guard against chaos is balance.

Reapers are duty bound to uphold that balance, tasked with guiding mortal souls to the afterlife. Lark secretly dreams of shedding her immortal chains and forging her own path. She’s captivated by the humans and envies their freedom, their passion, their anguish. Her master, Thanar, god of death, forbids this fascination and demands her utmost loyalty.  

When Lark encounters a mortal whose fire and suffering awakens something in her, she denies fate and saves him, refusing to guide him to his death.

To escape Thanar’s wrath, Lark makes a deal with the witch-queen of the Netherworld and is remade as human—trading her power for mortality. She flees through the veil and enters the land of the living, unaware she isn’t the only one freed from the clutches of the Netherworld.

Songs of the Wicked Exclusive Edition Details:
- Exclusive, hand-drawn hardcover silver foiled art by @catrina_paints 
- Silver foiled edges
- Character illustrated endpapers by @emrobartist
- Beautiful interior formatting by @bookobsessedformatting 
- Signed bookplate by C.A. Farran
- Bound letter by Author C.A. Farran
- Exclusive Tarot card coinciding with the book
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One per person.

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