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Roses & Thorns Box

Vines, Vintages, and Victories

Vines, Vintages, and Victories

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Roses & Thorns

Amanda Chaperon- Wine or Lose

Theme- Vines, Vintages, and Victories

Who else loves summer-soaked vineyards, stolen kisses in the wine cellar, and endless banter? We know it can't just be us. This exclusive edition is a dreamy hardcover with a brightly colored foil, beautiful edges and endpapers. These are hand signed.  

We are thrilled to feature Amanda Chaperon’s first standalone titled ‘Wine or Lose’ in her new series, ‘Love on the Vine’!

Exclusive Edition Details:
🍇All new watercolor inspired hardcover with purple foiling by @sammi_bee_designs
🍇Interior endpapers designed by @sammi_bee_designs
🍇Gorgeous matching edges by @sammi_bee_designs
🍇Brand new, colored custom interior formatting by @sammi_bee_designs
🍇Interior art by @alilyushka
🍇Signed tip-in by Amanda Chaperon (@achaperonwrites)

These are now available and limited in quantity which means they could sell out prior to our close date on June 30th at 8pm EST. These Exclusive Editions are expected to ship out November/December 2024.


Amara Delatou has just been handed the keys to the kingdom—her family’s, that is. Everyone is excited for the fresh perspective she’ll bring to the table as CEO of Chateau Delatou, the family winery located on Old Mission Peninsula, Michigan.

Everyone except her CFO, Calvin Ryder.

Five years ago, Amara and Calvin had a moment that didn’t end well, and their relationship has been rocky ever since. Calvin refuses to accept Amara is anything more than a party princess who charmed her daddy into giving her what she wanted, and Amara struggles to work side by side with Calvin knowing he doesn’t trust her to do anything but run her family’s company into the ground.

As the summer heats up, tensions continue to rise between them until their control snaps at last. It’s easy for them to ignore everything wrong with their professional relationship when everything about their personal one is just so right.

But before long, lines are blurred and crossed, secrets are revealed, and the life they thought they’d been building together threatens to crash down around them.

Now, it’s up to them whether they win the love of a lifetime, or lose it all forever.

*Mockups may differ slightly from the final product. Coloring may be lighter or darker than pictured depending on how much the ink sinks into the coverboard/edges.

These are now available and are limited. The estimated ship date is November/December. These are PRE-ORDERS and close on June 30th at 8 pm EST.

Theme design by @savs.books. Mockups by @rantingbooklover

All purchases are final. No exchanges, refunds, or returns are allowed

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