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We are thrilled to have an overstock sale on June 17th starting at 10am EST for the following books: 

  • A Kiss of Iron by Clare Sager
  • Blood of My Monster by Rina Kent
  • Fading by E.K. Blair

Waitlists for each will be released each hour on June 17th. It may take 5-10 minutes for the waitlists to release in order: #1 - 150 - 10am EST#151 - 300 - 11am EST#301 - 600 - 12pm EST#600+ - 1pm EST


What's in the box?


Each box contains a enchanting, Exclusive Editions featuring captivating tales of fantasy romance or paranormal romance.


Each box contains beautiful, Exclusive Editions that are dark or contemporary romance. While these are fiction, they are not fantasy based.

Boxes are not subscriptions and once they are sold out, they are gone!

Missed one of our pre-orders?


Found us after we already had your favorite book for pre-order? We have opened up waitlists for all of our previous books in our Dragon's Hoard for any overstock copies. For all of our current pre-orders, if you do end up missing out, they will automatically go into the Dragon's Hoard after their pre-order period is over and a waitlist for overstock copies will be initiated.

(If you don't see a previous book available, there are no leftover copies)

Common FAQs

I need to change my shipping address. How can I do that?

***Changing your address to another country? YOU MUST CONTACT US VIA EMAIL to see if we can accomodate this.

Changing your shipping address is easy! There are 2 ways to do it:

1. ORDER CONFIRMATION PAGE: Right after you order, you've noticed the address isn't correct. Never fear, corrections are easy! Right after checkout, you will see a button right under your shipping address that shows 'Update Address'. This will allow you to make any corrections as needed.

2. ORDER CONFIRMATION EMAIL:  This is the email that is sent to you after you have purchased a box. Steps to change it are below:
1. Find your email order confirmation
2. Click the button that says 'view your order'
3. This will route you to the order status page. Once there, click 'Update Address' button near the shipping address. 


1. Find your email order confirmation

2. Navigate to the "Customer Information" section 

3. Click 'Update Address' under the current shipping address to make any corrections as needed

(please note, on older emails, this may not be visible on the confirmation email)

How can I get a past preorder?

The Dragon's Hoard is where all of our exclusive edition pre-ordered books go after the sale period closes. There you can find a waitlist if you missed the pre-order period to join and get notified for any leftover stock. 

Please note, signing up for the waitlist does not guarantee you will receive an email to purchase any overstock copies.

What is Midnight Whispers vs. Roses & Thorns?

Midnight Whispers books featured will be New Adult (NA) or adult fantasy and paranormal books within the romance genre.

Roses & Thorns books featured will be New Adult (NA) or adult contemporary and dark romance books.

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