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Midnight Whispers Box

May Theme- Counterfeit Destiny

May Theme- Counterfeit Destiny

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Midnight Whispers


Theme- Counterfeit Destiny 


Exclusive Edition Details: 

Dust jacket, hardcover with silver foiling, and edge design illustrated by @no0nedesigns 

Vintage-styled illustrated endpapers by @giannyfilli 

Interior illustration by @etherictales

Formatting by @champagnebookdesign

Our featured book is what we classify as a cozy, enchanting and classic fantasy romance. We are absolutely starry eyed over this slow burn, whimsical story. This edition is the first book in a collection of standalones set in a magical wore-torn world. You're going to want to grab this book if you're into- 

  • Fake Engagements
  • Swoony Banter
  • Grumpy/Sunshine
  • Only one horse

We only have a short wait as these are expected to ship in late July.

Theme design by @savs.books. Mockups by @rantingbooklover

The last time a fae king took a human bride it started a war.

This time it could prevent one.

One of the few humans at the palace, Lieke has served the royal family her whole life, enjoying their protection from the fae who hate her kind. Unfortunately, nothing could protect her heart from falling in love with her best friend-the prince. Even if he returned her love, he could never marry a human, let alone a servant.

But holding onto her mother's words that love can conquer all, she refuses to give up, no matter the costs.

As the crown prince, Connor is preparing to be king and doing his best to rebuild the king's armies and neutralize a rebel threat. Tasked with also ensuring his younger brother ends his licentious ways and marries a neighboring princess, he thinks things can't get any worse. Until a human servant-a woman he saved years ago-catches his brother's eye and threatens to ruin everything.

When Lieke finds herself sentenced to death for murdering a fae noble, she's shocked to see it's the older brother-Connor-who steps in to save her. And not in the way she expected.

In a world jaded by war, where love is weakness, a fae prince finds himself torn between his desire to save his country and his growing love for a human. He can't save both, but how can he choose between his duty and his heart?

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