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Midnight Whispers Box

Lament of the Wolf- C.A. Farran

Lament of the Wolf- C.A. Farran

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Midnight Whispers

C.A. Farran- Lament of the Wolf

Lament of the Wolf by C.A. Farran, book two of A Dreamer's Misfortune is now available! Her first book, Songs of the Wicked, was featured in our Midnight Myths box and many of you were blown away by the hand-drawn elements, the raised foil, the shine, and more!

Lament of the Wolf Exclusive Edition Details:
- Exclusive, hand-drawn hardcover copper foiled art by @catrina_paints 
- Copper foiled edges
- Character illustrated endpapers by @Lunart.s
- Beautiful interior formatting by @bookobsessedformatting 
-Digital author signature 

*Mockups may differ slightly from the final product. Coloring may be lighter or darker than pictured depending on how much the ink sinks into the coverboard/edges.

These are now available and are an open preorder all month. The estimated ship date is November/December. These are PRE-ORDERS and are not limited. These close on June 30th at 8 pm EST.

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